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Beach Wedding Q&A:

Q:  Will my makeup last through the hot sun, wind and last all night?

Jen: I use a lightweight, water-based airbrush formula.  The results are flawless, even coverage with unbeatable staying power.  I also use waterproof eye products including lash glue so everything stays in place.  The only things needed would be lip gloss for touchups, and maybe blotting papers if you are very oily.

Q: How will you make my hair stay in the style we choose, for the entire night?

Jen: The most important day of your life means having everything in place.  One of my most critical pieces of advice is to not fight Mother Nature.  If you know your hair NEVER holds a curl, you may opt to wear your hair in a low chignon or organically messy up do.  It will stay in place, and you won’t have to worry about hair falling flat.  If you have a slight wave to your hair, you are at an advantage, as wavy hair holds curls much better than straight hair.  If your hair is super curly, you may want to wear it curly, or in a low, side bun with a braid or two to keep the style looking fresh.  No matter what style you choose, I will help to create a style that will last through the last dance.


Q: What type of hair accessories would you recommend I use for my beach wedding?

Jen:  I particularly love flowers, fresh flowers.  Ask your florist to “wire” some small orchids (white for dark hair), or (colored for blonde hair).  The wired orchids will stick in the hair much better than if they aren’t wired.  Another option is a crystal pin, such as a starfish, or flower.  A veil is a beautiful option, but just keep in mind it may be windy on the beach, and you surely won’t want to get into a wrestling match with your veil.  Something finger length would probably work best.

Q: What happens if I decide I want touchups after the ceremony?

Jen: I am happy to stay as long as you would like to provide touchups, a second look or just for a curl or two.  I do charge an hourly rate of $100. to stay for touchups after all work has been completed.


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