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Laser Hair Removal Beverly Hills California

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Laser Hair Removal Beverly Hills

There are many individuals that are intrigued about Laser Hair Removal in Beverly Hills California, but they don't know where to start.  If you are in the Beverly Hills area, and are considering Laser Hair Removal, make us your number one choice for all your Laser Hair Removal needs.  We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date and accurate information concerning all aspects of Laser Hair Removal to all Beverly Hills, CA men and women.  If you're fed up with dealing with unwanted hair, the time to do something about it is now.

Stop by our clinic for a free and confidential consultation and we'll inform you about the procedure and explain all your treatment options.  Many individuals believe that laser treatments, when performed once, will rid you of unwanted hair for good; unfortunately, this is not the case.  Your hair grows in three cycles: the active stage, the resting stage and the shedding stage.  Hair can only be effectively treated when it is in the active stage and only a certain percentage of your hair is in the active growth stage at any given time.  This means that patients will need to undergo a series of Laser Hair Removal Beverly Hills treatments in order to see effective results.  The average number of treatments needed is six, while some clients may need more than that, others may need less.

While the number of treatments for laser Hair Removal in Beverly Hills, CA may vary from person to person, the time between treatments will be the same for all individuals, but may differ depending on body parts.  Our hair grows faster in some areas than it does in others which means that our hair growth cycles are different depending on the body area.  Areas like the face need to be treated every four to six weeks apart while areas like the legs need to be treated about eight to ten weeks apart.  Treatment schedule will be based on treatment area and must be followed exactly in order to see effective results.  Contact our clinic in Beverly Hills today for more information.

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