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Laser Hair Removal Blog

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

April 13th, 2010

Many individuals who are just getting started often wonder: is laser hair removal safe? Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure that is undergone with the use of laser light, it is only natural that certain side effects can be experienced. However, as long as patients take the proper precautions and undergo treatments only with certified, experienced laser technicians, the treatments will be both safe and effective. In order to bypass the dangers of laser hair removal, be sure to take the following precautions.

Certified Laser Technicians

One of the most important factors that will determine the overall safety of the laser procedure is the person performing your procedure. Depending on the state in which you live, you'll find that different individuals are able to perform laser treatments. In some states, only doctors, nurses and physicians assistants can perform treatments while in other states, there are no stipulations as to who can perform the procedure; so long as they undergo proper laser certification.

Whether individuals are a physician or just a man or woman off the street, the same laser certification is undergone, therefore when choosing a laser center, it is important to choose those who are the most experienced. Doctors may have a medical degree, but laser hair removal is often just one small part of their practice. With laser specialists, all they do is laser hair removal. Finding the right fit for your should rest largely upon who is the most experienced.

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Laser Equipment

The other most important factor that will determine whether or not your laser treatments are safe is the equipment being used. Laser treatments have been around for more than ten years. In that time span, newer technologies have been developed and certain equipment has become outdated.

In addition, laser technologies have been developed to treat specific skin types-making the treatments more effective for patients. While this is good news for those patients looking for effective reduction in unwanted hair, it also makes treatments more dangerous. The danger comes from patients being treated with the old, outdated, or the wrong laser equipment.

Old or outdated equipment isn't always dangerous, for the most part, it just tends to provide less results. But undergoing treatments with the wrong laser for your skin type can be quite dangerous. The three most common types of lasers on the market today target specific skin types for effective hair removal. Alexandrite lasers most often treat those men and women with lighter skin tones while Nd: YAG lasers most often treat those with darker skin tones. Diode lasers treat those with medium skin tones, but can sometimes also treat darker skin tones as well. Before beginning treatments, be sure the proper laser is available for your specific skin type.

Laser Hair Removal Danger

Laser treatment become dangerous only when treatments are improperly administered. Now improper administration can be due to a variety of factors. The first being an inexperience laser technician who sets the laser parameters incorrectly, which results in either the burning of the skin, hyperpigmentation (lightening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (darkening of the skin).

The second is when the laser equipment is not right for your skin type. If an Alexandrite laser is used on an individual with darker skin tones, the patient could experience side effects. The third ultimately rests on the patient. Exposure to the sun can cause skin pigment to darken. If patients fail to tell their laser technician that they've been exposed to the sun, the laser energy could cause damage to the skin. Following all pre- and post-treatment recommendations will ensure that you undergo safe, effective treatments.

Is laser hair removal safe? If all of the above treatment precautions are taken, it definitely is.

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5 Tips for More Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatments

March 30th, 2010

If you are interested in maximizing your hair removal experience, take a look at the 5 tips for more effective laser hair removal treatments. When undergoing laser hair removal, patients can see varying results depending on a multitude of factors. For those who are investing both time and money into this treatment, it is important to maximize each treatment in order to get the best laser hair removal results possible. By implementing these five tips, patients are more likely to see better results.

Tip 1: Determine whether or not you are a candidate

The first step in the laser hair removal process is determining whether or not you are able to undergo treatment. When laser treatments first became available, only those men and women with light skin and dark hair were able to see effective results. As technology has progressed, lasers have been developed that can treat patients with all skin tones, however there is still not a laser out there that can treat gray, white, red or light blonde hair. Individuals with those hair colors will not see effective results with laser treatments.

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Tip 2: Find a reputable laser clinic
When starting the search for laser hair removal treatments, many individuals will automatically compare pricing. While pricing is an important factor, it should not determine your overall decision. Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure that is performed by professionals - you wouldn't choose a doctor solely based on price would you? A reputable laser clinic should meet certain criteria. Be sure that the laser clinic you chose is run by certified laser professionals, has been in business for a significant amount of time and that patients are happy with their results.

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Tip 3: Undergo treatment with the correct laser

There are several types of lasers for hair removal currently on the market, and the laser you are treated with will determine whether or not you'll get the most effective laser hair removal results. The three most common lasers used for hair removal are the Alexandrite laser the Diode laser and the Nd: YAG laser. Each of these lasers has a varying wavelength of light, which are designed for specific skin tones.

Those with lighter skin tones are best treated with an Alexandrite laser and those with darker skin tones are best treated with the Nd: YAG. The Diode laser can treat light to medium skin tones but should not be used for darker skin tones. Speak with your laser clinic before starting treatments to see what types of lasers they use.

Learn more about the different types of hair removal lasers here!

Tip 4: Follow pre- and post-treatment recommendations

Different laser clinics may have different 'rules' for laser treatments, but you'll find that all laser treatment facilities recommend certain pre- and post-treatment care. The most important recommendation is to keep the area you are having treated out of direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure causes the melanin in your skin to darken. In order for laser hair removal treatments to be effective, you need your skin to be in its most natural state. Clinics will often recommend that patients stay out of direct sunlight for at least two weeks before and one week after each treatment. If this recommendation is not followed, patients could experience several different side effects of laser hair removal.

Other treatment recommendations include not waxing or tweezing hair before or in between treatments, as this removes the hair at the follicle level, which leaves nothing for the laser to target. Only shaving or trimming should be practiced throughout the series of sessions.

Tip 5 - Do not veer off of your treatment schedule

When you visit a laser treatment center for your consultation, you'll learn about the different cycles of hair growth and how the laser treatment is designed to target and treat hair while it is in the anagen or growth stage. Depending on the area you are having treated, you laser treatment center will set up a treatment schedule that will have you returning after a specified number of weeks. In order to get effective treatment results, it is important to stick to this treatment schedule. This will allow each treatment to maximize the amount of hair that is targeted and treated.

Many individuals just learning about treatment ask: how effective is laser hair removal? While this technology is capable of permanently reducing unwanted hair, the overall effectiveness of each treatment is largely up to you.

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Electrolysis versus Laser Hair Removal

March 23rd, 2010

When men and women are considering their hair removal options, many compare electrolysis versus laser hair removal. There are many different types of hair removal available to consumers, but electrolysis and laser hair removal are the only two that can claim to provide permanent results, therefore have become one of the great debates in the hair removal world. So how do you decide which of these permanent methods is right for you? Before declaring a winner of the electrolysis vs laser hair removal debate, learn more about each before making your final decision.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments have revolutionized the way we remove unwanted hair. Temporary hair removal methods may be quicker, easier and cheaper, but removing unwanted hair with permanent results simply cannot be beat. The laser hair removal treatment permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair through the principle of selective photothermolysis.

The laser energy is passed over the treatment area where it effectively targets and treats actively growing hair follicles. The laser energy is attracted to the pigment within the hair follicles, the energy is absorbed by the follicle where it transforms into heat and that heat cauterizes the blood supply to the hair, rendering the follicle inactive. While this treatment is very effective, several evenly spaced sessions are necessary (individuals experience an average of 6 to 10) because hair can only be effectively treated when in the anagen or growth stage. Hair grows in three distinct stages and only a percentage of hair is in the growth phase at any given time.

While laser hair removal is the ideal hair removal method, there are some restrictions. Laser light is attracted to pigment and unfortunately not all hair colors contain enough pigment for treatment. Those with blonde, gray, white and red hair will have to seek other hair removal alternatives-this is where electrolysis can help.

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Electrolysis is the first permanent method of hair removal to be introduced and is the only that can claim to be 100% permanent. The electrolysis treatment is performed using a tool called an epilator. An epilator is a needle-like device that, when inserted into a hair follicle, delivers an electrical current that cuts off the blood supply to the follicle and renders it inert.

While this treatment sounds easy enough, it is actually quite a process for each individual hair follicle in any given treatment area needs to be treated in order to get results. Small areas like the upper lip and chin can benefit greatly from electrolysis because there are not a lot of hair follicles in these areas, but treating larger areas like the legs or back can be very tedious because treating each individual hair follicle can take a long time. Areas such as the upper lip and chin can take about 10 to 15 minutes to treat, and larger areas like the full back can take up to two hours to complete.

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis can treat any patient, regardless of skin tone or hair color. However, it can take much longer for patients to see effective results. Where 6 to 10 laser treatments is the norm, those undergoing electrolysis can undergo treatments for as long as two years. While this may seem long to some, the prospect of finally being hair free quickly outweighs the downsides. In addition, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can get 100% permanent hair removal.

So . electrolysis or laser hair removal? Depending on the body area you are having treated and the thickness and density of your hair, either of these permanent hair removal methods are capable of getting you the results you want.

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