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Hair Removal By Laser

Hair Removal By LaserRemoving unwanted hair can be a nuisance for many men and women, but Hair Removal By Laser can change the way you view unwanted hair.  With the exception of electrolysis, which is permanent but can be a long and painful process, all other options for hair removal are temporary at best.  Hair removal by laser has changed the way individuals look at unwanted hair.  This treatment is fairly quick and easy way to reduce the amount of unwanted hair almost anywhere.  This hair removal method utilizes lasers that emit a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where it is then absorbed and transformed into heat so that is can disable the follicle.

When undergoing treatments, it is good to know that there are several types of lasers that can be used during the laser treatment.  Laser technicians will utilize different lasers depending on specific genetic factors. Each different type of laser emits a unique wavelength of light and the light wavelengths are successful depending on the patient's skin tone and hair color.  Today, men and women with skin tones ranging from light to dark/tan are able to reduce unwanted hair by laser with positive results.

For added comfort and protection, technicians also utilize cooling devices when performing the laser treatment.  During hair removal by laser, most lasers emit either a cooling gel or a cooling spray a split second before the laser pulse in order to ensure maximum protection. Technicians also use either cold packs or a lidocaine solution in order to provide additional comfort and protection. Although the cooling devices are in place to help protect the skin and minimize redness, patients will most likely still experience some redness. If any redness does occur, it will most likely dissipate after a few hours.

While hair removal by laser is fast and effective, one individual treatment will not remove unwanted hair permanently.  Most patients will need anywhere from 3-6 treatments in order to remove unwanted hair, but some might need as many as 8.  Hair removal by laser continues to be the number one non-invasive aesthetic laser procedure performed in the United States; therefore, patients can feel confident that their hair removal by laser treatments will be a safe, fast and effective way to permanently reduce any and all unwanted hair.

Hair Removal By Laser

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