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Laser Hair Removal Las Vegas Nevada

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Laser Hair Removal Las Vegas

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Allure Cosmetic Laser Center
52575 South Cimarron Rd. Suite #200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
Phone: 1.800.867.1941
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Simplicity Laser LLC, of Summerlin
653 N. Town Center Dr., Suite 512
Las Vegas, Nevada 89114

Contact: Laser Hair Removal Centers of Las Vegas Nevada
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Laser Hair Removal Vegas

When you come across people in your daily life do you look to see if they have hair on their upper lip, chin or overgrown eyebrows? Most people don?t really look for these things but if you have one of these than you probably feel as though everyone looks at you for this reason. So without really telling yourself, you are letting this condition control your life. Especially if you go out of your way to hide, shave it, wax it or tweeze it. Why not just come clean with yourself and come on into Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas? Many people in Las Vegas, Nevada have already made the choice to come to us because we care about you and your hair issues.

Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas takes the time to sit down with you and go over the treatment options, the lasers available for your skin and hair type, how long it will take and the number of sessions you will need. Most sessions last only a few minutes but the time has more to do with the size of your treatment area and the amount of hair you have on it. The range on sessions is from three to eight.

It takes about a week and half for your hair to fall out after a session. It will fall out for another week and a half after that. You next session is usually scheduled right around this time. It is not unusual to lose about 20% of your hair after the first session.

Side effects are not common with Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas, but minor ones that occur are redness or itching in the treatment area. If you happen to have this side effect we can alleviate the condition with ice for about an hour. Another side effect that occurs only when the treatment area is exposed to sunlight two weeks prior to or after a visit, the effect is a change in skin pigment. That is why it recommended that you use a sun block with a 30 SPF at least.

A more common side effect that is really good is the increased making of collagen by the skin in reaction to the laser. Collagen is responsible for giving the skin a smooth and youthful look. So you actually improve your skin and get rid of the hair all at the same time.

It is important before scheduling a visit that you not have any tweezing or waxing done on the area as it leads to follicles being missed by the laser when the treatment occurs. This occurs because the hair is being pulled from the follicle base beneath the skins making it hard for the laser to recognize the follicle. The best thing to do is shave the area the day before leaving the hair in the follicle base in tack before the laser hits it. The laser works with split second accuracy and moves very quickly over a 9x9mm area.

Contact: Laser Hair Removal Centers of Las Vegas

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