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Laser Hair Removal Risk

Laser Hair Removal RiskLaser hair removal risk is a concern that many potential clients are weary of. One of the most important things to research before undergoing laser hair removal treatment are the risks that can be associated with the procedure.  Before getting into any possible laser hair removal related risks, it is important to remember that reputable clinics that perform laser hair removal to the highest standards will very rarely have any instances in which clients were not completely satisfied with their treatments.

The three risks that can be associated with laser hair removal are burning, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation:

Burning:  laser hair removal works by emitting a beam of laser light that passes through the outer layers of skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle directly below.  There is a risk of patients experiencing a burn if the laser parameters are not correctly set.  If the laser is set too high, the laser light will target not only the melanin in the hair follicles but the skin's melanin as well.  If the area is treated in this state, the skin has potential to burn.  Clinics that set their laser parameters according to patient's skin type and hair color achieve successful results and rarely have patients that experience any sort of burning.  Be sure to inquire about the equipment being used at the clinic you are contemplating.  Specific lasers are designed for specific skin types and colors so it is important that you are treated with the correct technology.

Hypo and Hyperpigmentation:  hypo and hyperpigmentation are two possible side effects that can be considered a laser hair removal risk.  Hypo and hyperpigmentation are conditions in which there is either an excess or depletion of melanin in the skin which can cause spots to appear which are either darker or lighter than your normal skin tone.  Hypo and hyperpigmentation mainly occur as a result of sun exposure prior to treatment.  It is important for all patients to stay out of the sun for at least two weeks before and two weeks after a procedure.  If sun exposure is impossible to avoid, using a sun block of SPF 30 or higher must be worn at all times.  When the skin is not in its natural state, it is more difficult to set the laser parameters correctly; therefore laser exposure can cause this laser hair removal risk to occur.

Laser hair removal, like any procedure, is not without possible risks, but undergoing treatment at a reputable clinic will greatly decrease your chances of experiencing any.  Be sure to discuss all laser hair removal risks with the clinic you choose before starting treatment.  Only then can you ensure that you'll be getting the safest treatment available.

Laser Hair Removal Risk

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