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Laser Hair Removal Pittsford New York

Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford New York
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Laser Hair Removal Pittsford

Many people in Pittsford, New York struggle with unwanted hair on their bodies because they are not always sure how to handle it and what are effective ways to remove it. By handling it, I mean some are conflicted about telling another person about it or just living in shame with it. Many of them soon come to find that talking about something that bothers you really helps in coming to a resolution with the issue. Once you can come to grips over what is causing your hair problems the solution to removing it is very easy. One of the best ways to remove unwanted hair is with Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford.

At Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford, you will find that the courteous professional staff will know exactly how to help you with your particular condition. If you have bothersome hair on your chin, they will tell you it takes about five sessions on average lasting about two minutes each session to get the hair removed off your chin permanently. The sessions will be scheduled about four weeks apart. The hair really begins to fall out rapidly between days ten and twenty after a session. The first session will typically yield about a twenty percent hair loss. Another topic the technicians will cover is the laser they will use to treat the area. Lasers come in different sizes of area covered. Some cover a 9x9mm area squared others will cover an 18x18mm area squared. This along with skin and hair type will play a determining factor on the laser being used.

The procedure itself has a laser scanning the area quickly and working on a subcutaneous level knocking out hair follicles permanently. The sessions are so quick that many clients have a few areas done during the same session. There are no serious side effects so you are able to go on with your regular routine after your appointments. You will find that once the area is treated the skin beneath the hair becomes very firm and younger looking. Not a bad trade off for a few minutes of your time!

Preparing yourself for a treatment is pretty simple. All you really need to do is shave the area one full day before your appointment. The shaving makes it easier for the laser to recognize the follicles better. It is important to avoid other treatments like waxing or tweezing six weeks prior to an appointment because these can have the opposite effect as shaving a day before does. They actually pull the hair directly from the follicle while shaving takes it off the surface.

When it comes down to it, there is no other hair removal system that is safer and works as quickly as Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford. The only things you need to do are to come on in or give us a call to set up your appointment with our trusted staff. Don?t be afraid to get the help that you need to remove all of that unwanted hair. You will feel and look better!

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