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Laser Hair Removal Syracuse New York

Laser Hair Removal in Syracuse New York
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Laser Hair Removal Syracuse

Have you seen what has become one of the safest and most effective ways to remove unwanted hair from your body? If you haven?t, then you haven?t heard about Laser Hair Removal in Syracuse at Syracuse Laser Spa. The reason why Syracuse Laser Spa located in Syracuse, New York exists is because they know what overgrown or unnatural hair can be a very emotional situation to live with. On top of the fact that they really do care about the people suffering with this condition and have found an extraordinary way to solve the problem permanently.

By extraordinary, I mean lasers have only been approved for hair removal since the late 1990's, but within that time it has become the best way to deal with unwanted hair growth. This is because the lasers are noninvasive so there are no required incisions, injections, gels or any other type of invasive tactic. All you do is show up for your appointment. Put on your protective glasses and get comfortable. The procedure itself lasts about ten minutes on average but many last only a couple of minutes. An upper lip for example will take under a minute to complete.

So how long does it take for the hair to actually fall out? Well, after your first session you will lose about 20% of your hair with most of it falling out between days ten and twenty. Follow up sessions on typically scheduled about four to six weeks apart. Many people require three to eight sessions depending on the amount of hair and the size of the area to treat. So many clients will be done within six months of starting treatments. If you compare this to electrolysis which can take up to two years to complete if not longer, then you see how much more effective Laser Hair Removal is.

The laser itself heads beneath the skins surface to attack the problem directly by forcing the hair follicles to stop producing hair permanently. The laser only needs to hit the follicle with its split second accuracy to be effective. This is why it only takes only a few minutes for most sessions. In fact many clients choose to have a couple of areas done within the same session because it is so quick.

Preparing for a Laser Hair Removal treatment is very easy. Your technician will advise you to shave the treatment area one full day before your session. You will also be advised to keep the treatment area out of the sun for two weeks before and two weeks after a session. If the area needs to be exposed it is recommended that you use a sun block with at least a 30SPF. Also it is important to let your technician know if you had tweezing or waxing at least six weeks before your session.

Once you complete your session you will be amazed with how great you look and feel. Syracuse Laser Spa is just a phone call away. That is all you need to do to make a positive change in your life and to finally be hair-free!


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